Ecological timber frame construction

Ecological timber frame construction

  • Efficient and cost-effective design
  • Renewable building material with healthy indoor climate (diffusible and breathable)
  • Highly flexible timber construction system with excellent thermal insulation
  • Excellent sound insulation due to soft and hard building materials with a lot of mass
  • Ecological insulation materials, resource-saving and renewable
  • Used insulation materials with sensational U-values and completely harmless to health
  • Directly integrated vapor barrier


  • Wood as a natural building material, pleasant indoor climate
  • Optimally insulated, dimensionally stable components
  • high quality thermal protection -in winter and summer
  • building-physically diffusion-open, very robust component constructions
  • High contribution to climate protection through permanent CO2 storage
  • good thermal insulation values due to complete wall elements
  • low heating and energy costs due to KfW energy standard
  • weather-independent and dry production of the construction elements in the factory hall
  • a short construction time due to high prefabrication
  • all floor plans possible due to flexible grid dimensions in timber frame construction
  • slim wall structures enable gains in living space compared to solid construction
  • Builder can contribute a high degree of own work and thus reduce construction costs.
  • ecological and fully recyclable construction
  • Free choice of facade design (wood visible or plaster facade)

Wall structure

  1. 12.5 mm plasterboard + 12 mm wood-based panel
  2. 60 mm installation level
  3. 12 mm wood based panel
  4. Wooden frame construction from solid construction timber, approx. 180 mm
  5. Thermal and sound insulation between the wooden frame construction approx. 180 mm
  6. 60 mm soft wood fiberboard as plaster base board
  7. Mineral precious plaster with disc plaster structure

Details and construction panel of a timber frame prefabricated house

ConstructionWooden post and beam construction
U-valueExterior wall 0.152 W/m²K
FacadeWooden lamella facade
Dimensions9,38 m x 10,47 m
Living spaceGround floor 72.05 m², attic 72.25 m²:
Total living space144,30 m²
RoofGable roof, roof elements with full rafter insulation
U-value roof0.145 W/m²K
Heating requirement42.89 kWh/m²a
HeatingControlled ventilation with heat recovery
WindowsTriple glazing
U-value glazing0.5 W/m²K
Energy standardKfW efficiency house 55 promoted