Log house

The secret of the polar pine

  • Pure nature: CO2 neutral building material and therefore highly climate-friendly
  • Reusable building material
  • High thermal insulation and storage capacity
  • 25.5 cm thick glued laminated beam
  • Consisting of 7 layers of wood, distributed over 2 layers
  • Average hardness of 35N/mm2; approx. 60% harder than domestic pine
  • Very high stability and durability
  • Material sourced from reforested stock

Sustainable building

The foundation of your log house is its outer wall: made of wood, of course - and solid - but still equipped with modern technology, environmentally friendly and resource-saving, with maximum efficiency. After years of material testing, it was decided to manufacture all exterior walls, roof structures and solid wood components exclusively from glued laminated beams of polar pine. Indeed, the wood of polar pine is far superior to domestic woods in terms of hardness and durability. This circumstance affects many technical factors that make a log house more valuable. In addition, there are visual advantages that distinguish the polar pine: Its slow growth results in a finer grain and a much lower knot content.

Wooden houses have been the homes of mankind for thousands of years. Wherever it could be arranged by access to the raw material wood, people have built their houses from this material. Even today, many people dream of such a home, because neither the flair and feel-good factor, nor the naturally regulated indoor climate of a wooden house can be replaced by stone, concrete and steel. Unfortunately, individually designed houses made of solid logs, or even glulam beams, are often a very costly and time-consuming alternative to conventional house construction. Through the use of the most modern architectural programs specially developed for construction with glulam beams and the use of high-end joinery machines, as well as a sophisticated construction system and, last but not least, logistically perfected material procurement, the log house has become affordable despite high-quality equipment and makes the dream of a wooden house within reach for every homeowner.