Cost and schedule coordination

We guarantee our customers constant cost control - before, during and after the construction phases.
Therefore, we can offer you the construction at a fixed price.

Together we will create a design plan and determine a time and cost estimate for your construction project.

When financing, you should consider how high your monthly payment may be. To do this, you should calculate your monthly income and expenses and consider how much of the monthly surplus you can and want to put towards financing. You can use a construction financing calculator to see approximately how much your financing could be. In the end, of course, this depends on the current interest rate, the desired repayment and other factors. You also have the opportunity to take advantage of regional and national funding, for example from the State Bank, KfW, u.v.m. Your financing advisor will help you compare interest rates, plan any unscheduled repayments for your real estate loan and also ensure that the government subsidy is taken into account accordingly. Finally, you decide on one of the financing models and sign your financing contract.